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Messiah for the animals.

I'm much deeper a sleeper, waiting for the final trip.

15 October 1986
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  • electro hyena
Fairly friendly hyena-fellow and software developer from around Philadelphia who also happens to play music in front of crowds from time to time.

I have a wonderful girlfriend (stealthferret) of over a year who I live with along with my wolf buddy (littlewolfls) and a bird (actofphoenix.) We're all fur fags.

I DJ, and post mixes from time to time. You may see me at future cons. Right now I'm booked for Furry Connection North and Anthrocon, but more pop up here and there.

I have a tendency to scoot through LJ and add people for asinine reasons, either they say something I totally agree with, or they have a cool icon, or I've heard of them and want to get to know them and don't have much to say. Don't be afraid to ignore the friend request; I won't be offended.

We host meets for Philly area furs on occasion, so you can watch my LJ to find those meets.

I like IPA way too much, and if you teach me about a nice new one, I will forever love you.

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Bye. :D
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